Google Maps Augmented Reality – an innovation that will transform navigation

When wayfinding will be made simpler!

Advances in technology is now becoming fundamental to our daily activities; gradually changing the way we read, communicate, shop, eat, and even move around. An example is an Augmented Reality (AR) technology that never ceases to overwhelm us with its indefinite possibilities. AR enables users to overlay text, audio, graphics, etc. into real-world objects. So, it comes as no surprise that one of the next big innovation to come out of Google is the product Google Maps with Augmented Reality feature. Google maps have leveraged Augmented Reality to provide people with directions from the phone’s camera in real-time from any location. These are displayed as big arrows and directions on the screen. This will help the millions of people who find navigation a routine challenge in unfamiliar places. 

With this, it’s easy to imagine a future where Augmented Reality will continue to provide radical innovations to serve humanity as a whole. At ImmersiveGaze, we feel innovation is a continuous process and follow our passion for emerging technologies by leveraging it to contribute to ever-changing consumer demands. If you have any immersive technology requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. As a leading AR app development Company, we provide a lot of ground-breaking Virtual/ Augmented Reality services to our clients. Most importantly, at the heart of our technology ventures is the imperative need to empower and improve lives.

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