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About Immersive Gaze.

Immersive Gaze focuses on bringing together the best of technologies to offer advanced solutions. Our goal is to support brands, interact with customers with more relevant, targeted content.

Immersive Gaze is abetted with two decades of knowledge in digital media publishing. Embracing and implementing technology has been in the DNA of the company, encouraging them to foray in to new media technology. Our history of services revolve around digital publishing, editing and conversion services, development of SaaS products, animation and interactive content creation.

Our R&D team creates AR/VR/MR research tools, aiming it to be compatible with devices that are commonly used in the market. Gadgets that are head-mounted and other remarkable devices like Oculus, Hololens support us in experimenting with technology and content.

The Team.

Immersive Gaze is a hub of industry best masterminds, we collaborate and work towards results. Minds behind the solutions we offer are not just subject experts but “go the distance” to provide the right solutions to our clients. Our approach is solution focused with dexterity.

Our team consists of Business Consultants, Business Analysts, Creative Heads, Technical and Software developers, and application developing experts. We believe in the concept of “Impressive technologies should be transformed into sustainable value”

Our solutions and services are engineered with the best resources, we diligently focus on innovative values that can change the landscape of content marketing and interactive technology platform.

Our vision is to create a universal platform of AR, VR and Mixed reality content which is accessible to every individual.