Beacon Technology

Bluetooth radio lighthouse

Beacon Technology

A beacon is a Bluetooth radio transmitter, it acts like a lighthouse that repeatedly transmits a single signal that other devices can see. Any Bluetooth-equipped device like a smartphone can “see” a beacon once it’s in range, much like sailors looking for a lighthouse to know where they are.

Beacons help in transmitting a unique ID number that tells a listening device which beacon it’s next to. Put together, it’s a code name triggered by the beacon device.

Immersive Gaze proposes solutions that can be of great value to brands, we can maximize brand communication and their touch-points with customers. For example, when a shopping mall installs beacons in their shop, all of the beacons will have certain IDs, registered in their dedicated app. This means a smartphone app can immediately recognize that the incoming ID is important and that it’s from that particular mall. The ID, however, has little meaning on its own; it’s entirely up to an app or another program to recognize what it means.

Immersive Gaze can support companies in developing this application that can be a communication platform for that brand. We can create an online platform which has nothing to do with tracking, but lets you manage, configure and update all your beacons. Brands can transmit programs associated with links, images, videos, and texts.

Near field Communication and Bluetooth technology have the immense capability of bridging the gap between brands and customers, it’s lite as an app and stores data in the cloud which is confidential and secure. We offer diverse solutions that are beneficial to Travel, Retailers, Automobile showrooms, and Event Management industries for example.

Customer touch-points can never be a one-way path, we at Immersive Gaze constantly work on innovating new technology-based touch-points. These solutions are focused on branding, marketing, and sales support. Our consulting sessions will help us customize solutions, beacon device, application and content creation are all included in our package.