Our Industry Focus

Learning is an Experience

Our Industry Focus.

Immersive Gaze has a deep understanding of what kind of solutions each industry will need, technologically. Our major focus will be to cater to the B2B market, as automation and embracing new technology is now mandatory for corporates and enterprises.

The automotive industry is fast evolving and embracing green technology offering innovative solutions like Electric Cars. This market has the potential to introduce new technologies to the mainstream faster. A self-driving car is IoT enabled, it requires content that is dynamic and immersive. We enthusiastically provide new media content that syncs with the right kind of technology.

Education institutions are the next vast segment that is fast catching up with technology, smart classes are developing to the next level of “Learning is an Experience” We support educational segment in a much dynamic level by providing content that talks and grows on them. We introduce “Gamification” technology that makes learning fun, socially.

The manufacturing industry is the next industry that benefits from new media technology. Any repetitive content related to training and HR programs can be automated with the support of our services. This saves billions of dollars and time, companies can focus on their core businesses while technology can handle their communication part more smartly.

We also provide a customized solution to the Retail market, Real Estate, and Construction companies. If you are in an industry and business that needs to touch base with end customers on daily basis, start targeting them through their personal devices. We will create platforms that will be a collection of pre-defined content, every time your customer looks for the right content, we will take your content to them. It’s a promise. Our Integrated Technology Solutions are a combination of Devices, Application, Content, Cohesive and Execution.