Augmented Reality App Development Services

Augmented Reality Technology and its promising potential

This an era where technology is both predominant and accessible for everyone. And it is transforming the way we work, communicate, entertain, educate, and organize our lives. It is also transforming the way we experience opportunities and possibilities thanks to the introduction of reality technologies and affordable instruments such as Augmented Reality glasses.

Augmented Reality providing the capability to blend the real world with computer graphics is now viewed as a potential game changer to provide immersive experiences; delivering real time information when and where it is essential with fewer hardware and people dependencies.

What are we doing as an AR app development company?

As an AR app developement company, we focus on innovatively engaging the on-the-go consumer with Augmented Reality applications, one of the hottest digital transformation trend driving innovation in major industries today.

At Immersive Gaze, AR software isn’t merely developed –it’s also experienced. Our team comprise tech savvy professionals, eager to explore and uncover the endless possibilities of Augmented Reality technology within the realms of experiential marketing, education, automotive, manufacturing, publishing, healthcare etc. Some of the compelling benefits that our Augmented Reality apps offer are dynamic visual cues in staging experiences, annotation of real-time images of physical objects, location based technology and customizable preferences; all of which leads to increase in use cases for consumers.

Augmented Reality Services offered by Immersive Gaze

  • Image recognition (marker/marker less) based Augmented Reality apps
  • Model target recognition based Augmented Reality apps
  • AR Gaming app

AR Verticals

Education: Step into the new frontier of learning with Augmented Reality! Use AR to explain topics and provide additional information through situated just-in-time and just-in-place learning experiences.E.g. When students scan a page of their homework with their mobile devices, the page reveals a video tutorial of the topic. AR based 3D models allow students to zoom in, zoom out, rotate, and observe the cross sections.

Automotive – Car: From transforming the way customers shop for cars to helping car owners perform basic maintenance, AR technology provides a much needed value to the automotive industry.
For example

  • Dealers can showcase a full-scale 3D version of the latest car models using AR apps.
  • A 3D breakdown view of car parts helps owners to get more familiar with their cars and learn how to perform basic maintenance.

Manufacturing – Motor: New and less-experienced workers face difficulties in the field of manufacturing to correctly visualize the representation of electro-mechanical devices. By augmenting multi-media content such as interactive 3D exploded view to the device, experiential training can be enhanced.E.g. It is easier to communicate the various parts in an assembly of a motor by breaking it apart with an exploded view.

Gaming: Many AR games exert their magic simply by including movie and game characters into the real – world environment. With the rising popularity of mobile apps in gaming, the Augmented Reality Gaming Market is sure to witness huge growth in the near future.

Augmented Reality app development
Augmented Reality app development
Augmented Reality app development
Augmented Reality app development