Reality technology-driven trends that transform the automotive industry

Ever since its debut a few years ago, Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies have transcended to become an exceedingly viable option, and one with mass appeal. Regardless of the industry type, Augmented Reality brings with it a slew of improvements that can spring life into otherwise routine stuff. Let’s delve into a few improvements that it has brought into the automotive industry.

Road safety through Augmented Driving

The impressive technology of Augmented Reality with advanced real-time object detection provides truly astounding features to support driving. By displaying information like lane detection and lane departure warning, vehicle detection, and safety distance monitoring; the dangers of the road ahead are truly reduced especially in situations where there is dense fog, too much rain, or hardly any lighting.

Augmented Reality for Instructions and Service Maintenance

The unexpected event of any mechanical or electrical breakdown without roadside assistance no longer needs to freak you out. This is because, with AR app development services, you can now get an overall idea about basic maintenance procedures. The app can actually show an illustrated, step-by-step walkthrough of the main components under the hood. It just helps to be always prepared.

Reach tech-savvy millennial by delivering messages beyond the static content of a printed page

One of the most universally understood advertising campaigns is print media. Car manufacturers can now take this to the next level by developing mobile apps powered by Augmented Reality. When you scan the ad using a mobile camera with the app on, you can get to view in-depth images and videos about the car features.

Bringing the showroom to customers

A showroom is no longer the only place for all your pre-sales, after-sales and other service’s needs. With VR apps, you can explore a full-scale 3D version of the latest car models in its entirety- any time, any place. The app can offer a 360-degree, voice-assisted immersive virtual showroom experience allowing you to explore various colors, designs, or even perform a test drive; all from the convenience and comfort of home.

Design, engineer, and manufacture cars with Virtual Reality

Designers and engineers can now evaluate 3D models of cars at scale without depending on physical prototypes. Placement of mirrors and controls or finessing gaps and fits in advance of production work has never been this easy, especially for luxury cars. Not to forget minimizing the errors and waste that comes with trials.

Reality technology is a key trend in shaping the customer-dealer market. Through a cascade of disruptions, it is beyond anything we have experienced so far and puts the embracing automaker a league ahead of the competition. As a leading augmented reality app development company, ImmersiveGaze provides end-to-end Augmented and Virtual Reality Services to transform the way the automotive industry operates.

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