YouTube Story Creators Gear up for a Selfie Makeover using AR effects

In the world of selfies, the next level of selfie filter isn’t just about transforming looks with touch-up features or creating realistic make-up effects. Instead, it is about using real-time Augmented Reality effects combined with machine learning. This is what is offered by YouTube Stories and ARCorenow through an Augmented Faces API. This tool not only allows you to add cool animated masks or makeup effects to your selfies but also helps to refine your looks by detecting and compensating for camera limitations and imperfect lighting. It’s been a while since these features were offered on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat too, but the difference here is in terms of panache and performance. Now youtube story creators have the perfect strategy to create more zestful and impressive selfies.

With this, it’s easy to imagine a future where Augmented Reality combined with machine learning will continue to provide radical innovations to lighten up daily life. At ImmersiveGaze – a leading AR app development company, we feel innovation is an ongoing process and our passion for emerging technologies is reflected by our successful contributions to ever-changing consumer demands. If you have any immersive technology requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We provide a lot of ground-breaking Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality Service to our clients. Most importantly, at the heart of all our technology ventures is the imperative need to deliver consumer-first experiences.

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