Vaco From Venus – Physics and fun

Learn Physics while you game

VACO from Venus is an educational game application specially designed for kids. Children belonging to 5th, 6th and 7th standard can learn Physics in an interactive way. An imaginative way for kids to communicate with content identified with Physics. We add data and visualization to convert educational knowledge into an entertaining game. Children can now show more involvement in what they learn and practice it at schools. Immersive Gaze’s technology can change the way we consume data by adding an exciting visual and interactive layer to how you learn, communicate and play. 

The Lost Alien on Earth

VACO is that cute little fluffy alien who lost way from space and crash-landed on earth. But he is not alone, kids are here to help him go back to Venus. Play and win all levels, have fun with VACO, enjoy the adventure with him and bid an adieu. More VACO game series is coming up.

Download the app and you are ready to explore the following highlights
  • Every level you get the opportunity to enhance your Physics learning
  • Play with VACO and help him to discover his way back home
  • Timer based levels for kids to think quickly which builds up their anticipation skill
  • Hints and clues of information that helps children complete the levels
  • Stop and edit mode
  • Reset levels to start fresh
  • Easy and user-friendly interface

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