Top 5 reasons why your business needs a virtual reality experience

Immersive Gaze, a leading VR app development company presents 5 reasons why Virtual Reality (VR) can be the next big game-changer in business.

Try-Before-You-Buy Programs:

Experimenting with new brands and new styles is becoming easier for customers, especially young shoppers with the “try-before-you-buy” programs. This form of shopping allows customers to order items, check them for the look and feel and probably size if it’s apparel and only pay when they intend to have it for keeps. Using Virtual Reality applications, buyers find it cool to try products online, especially stuff like eyewear, cosmetic jewelry, furniture etc.

VR app experiences to promote tourism, hotels, resorts etc.:

From showcasing some of the best attractions a city has to offer to offer a customized dream trip for aspiring travelers, VR can be used to provide promo videos that boost places of interest or facilities that a hotel or resort has to offer. VR helps to rope in a wary or “not sure” prospective traveler and increase bookings.


VR as a sales strategy in automobile showrooms

Generally, showrooms have only a limited number of car models on display. VR allows the potential to view other car models with a 360-degree view, to test drive cars, to select the exterior/interior, switch on lights, and explore features and accessories etc. all through interactive experiences.

Virtual reality in marketing research

Attention to every detail matters while manufacturing expensive devices! Project stakeholders need no longer find out the mistakes after launching the product. Instead, they can use VR simulation to study, suggest any changes or fixes necessary at an early stage itself. This not only produces huge savings in terms of time and cost but also guarantees a successful product launch.

Training of new employees

There is a proverb that rightfully states “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand”. This can happen in an environment that provides “experiential learning” like VR. Experiential learning ensures both a higher degree of immersion and retention. It also presents a valuable opportunity for employees to learn about real-world business problems faced in the corporate world in a simulated environment.

These are just a few of the innovative ways, VR powered apps are used to boost business productivity. As a VR app development company, at Immersive Gaze, we help you get started in creating 3D immersive experiences. We have a dedicated team of experts who focus on engaging the on-the-go consumer through next-generation technology and disruptive innovations. Our team can brainstorm on Virtual Reality Solutions and augmented reality services that work best to drive sales, launch new products, and create winning brand experiences.

Interested? To find out more about how Immersive Gaze can add value to your business requirements using Virtual Reality, connect with our product experts today.

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