Apple files patent for mixed reality headsets that can track your facial expressions

Apple has documented a patent application for a mixed reality headset, which appears to incorporate cutting edge highlights like a head-mounted device, facial expression tracker, and a controller to consolidate Virtual and augmented reality services.

The app, named “Display System Having Sensors”, was first spotted by Variety, which revealed that Apple’s mixed reality headset would give “3D virtual perspectives on a buyer’s situation augmented with virtual substance.” The application was first documented in March 2019 and distributed a week ago.

The filing details Apple’s plans to use a range of sensors to gather data from the wearer of a mixed reality headset. Per the report, the headset could come with left and right displays, light sensors to collect information like color, intensity and direction, eyebrow sensors to track facial expressions, world mapping sensors to track movement and location, eye-tracking sensors, lower jaw sensors to track expression, head pose sensors to track a user’s orientation and motion, hand sensors to track position, movement and gestures, an inertial measurement unit to augment the sensor information, and left and right cameras.

The patent app takes note of that the eye-following cameras can likewise be utilized for biometric confirmation. Apple may also utilize cameras for signal tracking, as indicated by the patent application.

On the off chance that you are asking why Apple is filing a patent for this innovation now in the event that it has just been utilizing a similar tech behind emoji, you are forgetting that the test with the headset is that you can’t just film a buyer’s face since they will have the headsets on.

Apple was first reported to be working on a mixed-reality headset back in April last year. Apple was then reported to be working on a headset with an 8K display for each eye. The project was expected to be released in 2020.

This is interesting considering how Tim Cook has always maintained that AR is the future, and not VR. But hey, maybe Mixed Reality services is a good compromise.

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