How Retailers are using AR Technology to build Buzz & Brand Awareness?

Every brand needs to stress on points of interest related to the product or service and this is done by making shopping experiential for customers. More information and conviction can go a long way to influence buying decisions and this is where augmented reality comes in. AR Technology is connecting consumers to brands in ways that was never imagined possible earlier. It’s creative, innovative, and it works. It’s about fully engaging the potential consumer through apps on their handhelds. Aligning augmented reality goals to meet customer needs is what is important here.

Some of the ways retailers are using AR technology today:
  • AR technology is being used to enhance the in-store experience. For example, Lego the Danish toy manufacturer uses Augmented Reality kiosks that shows how the assembled toy will look like from all angles when a box of Lego is held up to it. Giving a detailed view of the finished product helps to trigger more interest in kids and adds fun to their buying experience.

  • Another example is Cup Magic; Starbucks uses Augmented Reality to make their holiday cups come to life and provide a hugely enjoyable experience. This app encouraged customers to find and scan holiday characters who can dance, sing, and play in 3 D space spreading unexpected holiday cheer.
  • Using AR in products to provide value through utility is another trend for all kinds of retailers and retail brands. A significant example is how Hyundai has enhanced its user manuals using AR technology. Car owners find it easy to use an AR app and their mobile camera to scan car parts and get help and support content just like that in front of them.

These are just a few of the innovative ways, retailers are using AR powered apps to build buzz and brand awareness. As an AR app development company, at ImmersiveGaze we help you get started in creating 3D immersive experiences for your customers. We have a dedicated team of experts who focus on engaging the on-the-go consumer through next-generation technology and disruptive innovations. Our team can brainstorm on Augmented Reality Services that work best to drive sales, launch new products, and create winning brand experiences. And augment your way to successful campaigning.

Interested? To find out more about how ImmersiveGaze can add value to your retail service requirements using Augmented Reality, connect with our product experts today.

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