Use of Augmented Reality in Education

Using AR in Education and Training

In near future, the use of simple augmented reality in education will be widespread. Augmented reality in education can serve a number of purposes. It helps students easily acquire, process, and remember information. Additionally, AR makes learning itself more engaging and fun.

Augmented Reality for Education: Why?
  • Provides rich contextual learning for individuals learning a skill.
  • Appeals to constructive notions of education where students take control of their own learning
  • Provides opportunities for more authentic learning and appeals to multiple learning styles.
  • Has the power to engage a learner in ways that have never been possible
  • Can provide each student with his/his own unique discovery path.
  • No real consequences if a mistake is made during skills training.
Benefits of AR in Education

Accessible learning materials: anytime, anywhere:

Augmented reality has the potential to replace paper physical models, posters, textbooks, printed manuals, etc. It offers portable and less expensive learning materials. As a result, education becomes more accessible and mobile.

Improved collaboration capabilities:

Augmented reality apps offer vast opportunities to diversify and shake up boring classes. Interactive lessons, where all students are involved in the learning process at the same time, help improve teamwork skills.

Practical learning:

Apart from schooling, professional training can also benefit greatly from the use of Augmented Reality Services. For example, accurate reproduction of in-field conditions can help master the practical skills required for a certain job.

Augmented Reality: Browsers

  • A smart phone’s camera, compass and GPS information is needed to operate an AR Browser
  • The browser first locates the user with GPS and compass of phone
  • Next, it retrieves information from online sources based on those geographical coordinates
  • The information and graphics are then overlaid onto the camera view of the smart phone’s screen.
  • In effect, the AR browsers label the real world

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