Markerless Augmented Reality for Motorbike

AR for customizing bikes:

Markerless Augmented Reality App, to help bike lovers make a customized bike. The AR application enables customers to make their own virtual bike, modifying everything from the wheels, seat and color plan, to the exhaust pipe, sissy bar and derby covers. The full-size 3d Model of the motorcycle could be seen in real-world using Markerless Augmented Reality mode.

Using the app, during events and exhibitions, customers could view motorbike brand’s full line of upgrades and accessories, configure the bike of their dreams, then view it at full size using the app’s markerless Augmented Reality feature.

The app provides experience in VR mode by selecting a base model –
  • Customize by swapping colors, seats, wheels, derby covers, exhausts and more
  • Pinch and zoom for 360-degree views
  • Switch to markerless AR mode to view the bike at full size in the real world environment
App features include:
  • Innovative VR mode allowing for 3D customization of bike features
  • Tweak everything from seats and wheels, to sissy bars, derby covers and more
  • Gorgeous 3D models, animations and renderings bring products to life
  • Switch to markerless AR mode to view customized bike in a real-world environment
AR for motorbike services:

AR technology can be used to as a wearable device, this device will be used to visualize AR (augmented reality) content to help mechanics during the preparation and maintenance of bikes.

Using trendy technology, Mechanics can visualize content related to bike parameters and infographics that additionally respond to the customer input in real time.

Through a 3D hologram of the whole racing bike, the mechanics could be able to view the telemetric information such as the temperature of oil, water and tires in real time.

Moreover, the chief engineer can communicate remotely with the mechanics by displaying an overlay on the helmet screen to guide them with strategic information such as the type of tires to be used, amount of fuel to put in the tank or the lap number of the exit.

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