Future of Retail with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has the capability to reshape the retail environment, making it more immersive and productive. A few years back Augmented Reality was just a vision. Presently it’s a reality. The innovation is advanced to the point that it allows us to see and connect with something that isn’t even there! It’s kind of mystical!

Shopping for Clothes?

AR in retail stores has proven exceedingly successful in attracting and holding customers. Augmented Reality could make numerous trials a thing of the past.

Here are the Benefits,
  • Purchasing readymades – be it a kurta, shirt or pant is frequently seen as more advantageous than getting a tailor to make it.
  • Time – We can consider the time taken in the trail room getting into every one of these kurtas or shirts before you freeze on the one you think suits best.

How the Retailers utilize Augmented Reality to enhance the customer experience

There is no doubt that augmented reality improves consumer engagement. In fact, shoppers spend more time visualizing and designing products in reality because of AR. Moreover, the consumers are never left with doubt about their purchases. Almost 70% of consumers expect retailers to launch an AR app within the next six months.

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